Best child specialist in Aga Khan Hospital Karachi

Finding a doctor in a hospital is just a little bit difficult for those, who actually don’t know about the doctors.

Our team is working on that, and searching for the question of common peoples related to different medical issues.

As per visit of our team member “Zeeshan Mustafa” , he visited the Aga Khan Hospital Karachi, and told us, that when he entered into the main gate, where two women asked her about X-RAY department location, he was schoked ,because actually he was also don’t know about the X-RAY department, and he replied them that please ask from any other any , becuase he don’t know.

Thereafter “Zeeshan Mustafa” went towards the medical store and he said that there was a young man who was searching on the internet about the best child specialist in Agha Khan Hospital, he was shocked, when the young man was angry on his mobile phone while searching .

“Zeeshan Mustafa” lastly asked him, whats happened, then young man replied that he was searching about best child specialist in Agha Khan for treatment of her sister’s son, but he said there were no results on the search engine related to aforesaid query, So, he was angry.

Thereafter “Zeeshan Mustafa” share this story with our team and finally, we have decided that now we will work on these topics also just to help peoples to get benefit from digital technology.

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